No Memo Line On Check

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No Memo Line On Check. For information about keep memo, see this help article. For example, it may be used to indicate that a.

Bias tape design tacked to wall bhg magazine cover
Bias tape design tacked to wall bhg magazine cover from

Now, if you intend to take the check to a discussion, legal or not, describing your payment was intended for that which is in the memo, that won’t hold up in a court. Ultimately, contractors and suppliers should pay close attention to the memo line when depositing a check from their customer. If the check has “paid in full,” “full and final settlement” or similar language written in the memo field or endorsement area, ask for your customer to cut a new one.

But there are times when a payee or biller may require you to enter specific information on that line.

Because you've moved, you no longer have to fuss over the memo line. The main thing is, don't smudge out the name, amount, and bank account number and router numbers. It is probably not illegal, but it could affect your rights if there is an ongoing dispute about whether or how much you owe the landlady. It is only to keep the balance.